Sunday Brunch with the Gals

Sunday Brunch with the Gals

Brunch is something I don't do nearly enough. That must change!

A picture perfect brunch would start with a beautiful sunny morning, no humidity and a nice warm temperature... but  not too hot that it scorches the backs of my thighs while riding to the restaurant in the '59 Belair. Um, ouch!!!

I imagine this outfit to be the perfect little ensemble to wear while munching on scrambled eggs, French toast and a mimosa or 4 or 5. (ha!) That yellow dress is so pretty and looks oh-so-flattering, and the eggs I dribble on myself would blend in perfectly! The cherry bag is the cutest thing ever... and every gal needs an awesome pair of red pumps so she can click her heels together and end up in Palm Springs, lounging poolside with a cocktail. And to pull the whole look together, just add the beautiful Retro Diamonds on Sterling Silver Oval Necklace. This is a truly versatile piece in mixed metals that will complement anything in your wardrobe! Easy peasy.

Now go out and make that brunch date with the gals!

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