druzy pineapple necklace surrounded by sparky druzy cabochons

A Bunch of Crazy Druzy and a Pineapple

Sparkly, shimmery, and shiny... three of my favorite words. So needless to say I'm a big sucker for druzy cabochons. I can't walk past a tray of them at a gem show without instantly fainting (well, I might be exaggerating a bit... but you get the severity of my problem 😉).
colorful druzy cabochons and a pineapple necklace

Since I'm also smitten with color, I just loooove the natural druzies which have a titanium coating... the vibrant colors that are produced are so mesmerizing and it really brings out the sparkle in the stones. I just also recently picked up a small batch of titanium coated quartz... which are those bluish/purple ovals shown. They will make for a super saucy pineapple or two!

And oh!! Did someone say pineapple?? That sneaky little druzy pineapple necklace just HAD to work its way into the middle of the shot there and become the center of attention. Sigh. If I were that sparkly and shimmery, I guess I would do that too. 

Want to get in on the pineapple party? I've got lots for you to choose from!

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