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Hey there! My name is Kim and I'm a self taught metalsmith and jewelry designer. I've been wielding my fiery torch for over 10 years now... and luckily haven't burned my eyelashes off yet! Ha!! (um... knock on wood).

After exploring various styles, techniques, genres, and materials over the years... I am happy to say that I have completely rebranded Smashfire Designs and finally found a style and aesthetic that I am truly passionate about! My love of abstract shapes, color, and sleek lines has found the perfect home within the world of the modernist time period. I do have my significant other/main squeeze to thank for introducing me to all things mid century modern about 4 years ago... and it has been such a fun ride ever since!

I completely fell in love with all of the whimsical and fabulous shapes, patterns, and colors of the mid-century and it really has been so exciting to play around with them. My work now is drawing inspiration from all of these elements and I'm putting my own little spin to them. It is contemporary art jewelry ranging from abstract, to geometric, to minimalist, to downright kitsch. And downright fun.

Based in Westchester NY, I meticulously design and fabricate each and every piece of jewelry (and soon to be metal art!) in my little studio... nothing is cast. I use sterling silver, copper, brass, semi-precious stones, and laminate and wood. I truly enjoy pouring all of my heart and soul into each piece, and it is important that this passion shines through in each creation.

Your love for the modernist time period runs deep... and I know that. It is my hope that when you wear my jewelry it makes you feel flirty, fun, and confident... with a little feeling of nostalgia on the side. Choose classic modernist or minimalist one day... then rock the full on kitsch with some boomerang laminate! Go ahead and flaunt your love for mid century modern... keep the spirit alive!

If there is something you would love to see... a particular design or shape... please drop me a line! I design and create with you in mind... so I want to make sure you can't wait to open up that jewelry box every morning!

You can reach me at kim@smashfiredesigns.com or, you can use the contact form.

Thanks for visiting my site and supporting a small, handmade business!




             When I'm not in my studio playing with fire, I can be found tooling around in
our 1959 Bel Air... or chasing down tiki drinks somewhere. :-)