You’re mad about mid mod, smitten with vintage, enchanted by abstract art, and would take someone’s eye out if they touched your tiki mug collection.

You don’t follow trends… you CREATE them with your own unique style infused with a nostalgic flair. You like to make a statement, so your jewelry can’t be boring, and neither are you.

Hi! My name is Kim, the designer and creator behind all things Smashfire Designs, and I’m here to make sure your heart pounds with excitement every time you open your jewelry box.

My jewelry design journey began in 2003 when I started whipping together all kinds of fun, colorful beaded necklaces and earrings… but I realized after a few years I needed more of a creative outlet. Working with fire seemed the obvious answer!! So… in 2007 I taught myself metalsmithing, and burned lots of holes in my workbench and sawed big gashes into my fingers on a daily basis.

But after many years of grit, hard work (and a few curse words here and there), I am quite proud that I am now capable of producing unique, high quality jewelry without burning holes in my bench! It is a testament to the fact that if you believe you can do it, you can!! (I still do saw through my fingers once in awhile though. Ouch.)

Throughout the years my design aesthetic has varied immensely, but I am over the cheese filled moon to have finally settled into my little niche of creating jewelry inspired by mid century modern art/design and Tiki. I am enraptured by all the fun abstract shapes, colors, patterns, lines, furniture, art, architecture, tiki culture, cars, etc… of that time period… it is truly mesmerizing!

Each piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted by me in my little oasis (my workshop) in Cortlandt Manor, NY using mainly sterling silver, brass, copper, and semi-precious gemstones.

Heaps of love, heart, passion and soul are infused into every creation, and I take great pride in what I do. Since I hate boring just as much as you, it is my mission to create delightfully unique jewelry that excites and captivates.

By incorporating the use of unconventional materials and processes such as boomerang laminate countertop material on wood, and powdercoating into some of my pieces, you will be sure to have a piece that is a conversation starter and captures the essence of your individuality… all with a sidecar of nostalgia.

Creating jewelry reminiscent of a bygone era really fuels my fire and feeds my soul. It is my goal to keep the spirit of the 50’s and 60’s alive by offering you a modern take on its fabulous and sometimes kitschy retro and vintage, and Tiki inspired designs.

I feel that jewelry should be fun and reflect your personality! So grab a piece from one of the Smashfire collections and flaunt your vibrant, vivavious mid-mod-loving self!

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              When I'm not in my studio playing with fire, I can be found tooling
around with my husband in our 1959 Bel Air... or chasing down tiki
drinks somewhere. :-)