Orange yellow and green gemstone sterling silver boomerang necklace

Biomorphism: My Love Affair With the Boomerang

The boomerang shape of the mid-century time period is so iconic. In the 1940's people became more fascinated with botany and science and the Biomorphic style emerged which distorted the unique and interesting organic shapes and forms for decorative use. Enter in all kinds of asymmetrical shapes: kidney, amebas, boomerangs, soft squares, etc...

multicolored rainbow gemstone boomerang necklacemid century modern jewelry with blue opal


I'm incredibly inspired by the boomerang shape, and a lot of my work reflects this such as the colorful triple gemstone necklace, and the boomerang necklace featuring blue opal.  It's just a carefree, fun, and kitschy shape... I just love it almost as much as I love Mai Tais! 🤣🍹

You can click here to check out more of my iconic boomerang inspired jewelry!

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