Boomerang laminate necklaces with colorful flowers

Boomerang Laminate on Wood Necklaces

Boomerang laminate on wood and sterling silver necklaces
Did you know that Formica was invented in 1913 by Daniel O'Conor, a young research engineer working at Westinghouse?? Apparently it had nothing to do with countertops when it was first invented... it was originally developed for insulation of electrical equipment during WWI and WWII. If you would like a little more backstory about this lovely laminate, there is a wonderful article right here.
I always thought that this material was developed specifically for countertops. Goes to show... ya learn something new every day. 😜
And once I discovered that Wilsonart joined the game several years ago with all their various colorways of the boomerang pattern... I was pleased as pie! A light bulb went off... why not turn these luscious boomerang laminates into jewelry!
After a bunch of failed attempts and sailor-worthy curse words... I finally perfected my technique and sandwiched mahogany and walnut woods in between 2 pieces of laminate, fabricated the sterling silver pieces... and voila... boomerang laminate jewelry! (well... I wish it were as easy as 'voila'... lol)
I've gone on to make dozens and dozens of earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. And the best part... all of the jewelry is super lightweight!!!
Do you have a favorite piece of laminate hanging around that you'd like made into jewelry? Please contact me, and I can make your vision happen! 
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Sure can! I never thought to do stud earrings in the laminate! And, I just recently got some clip on mechanisms… haven’t used them yet though. Thanks for the idea!

Kim Collins

These are great! Could you make small ones that could be stud or clip=on earrings?


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