retro diamond necklace, earrings, and ring

Decked Out in Retro Diamonds

Diamonds certainly ARE a girl's best friend. RETRO diamonds, that is. ✨😜
retro diamond jewelry in sterling silver copper and brass
I recently went to a friend's birthday party and was in a 'Retro Diamonds' kinda mood... so I busted out the above trio from my personal stash. They all play nicely together, and can be equally cool on their own. But being that I like to pile it all on (the more the better in my book when it comes to wearing jewelry 😄), I wore all the pieces... even the bracelet that's not shown. There was no question as to who loved mid-mod at that party. 😇
All of these pieces are available online in my store and waiting just for you! Go check 'em out!
Necklace: Retro Diamonds on Sterling Oval
Earrings: Retro Diamond Double Dangle Earrings
Ring: Retro Diamonds Ring
Bracelet (not shown): Retro Diamonds Bracelet
P.S. - All of the above pieces can be made in any metals combo... just hit me up, and let's talk!
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