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Owls. I’ve had those cute little boxy birds on the brain for quite some time now. (Did you know there are about 200 species of owls? Whooooo would have guessed!?!!!)

I’ve been thinking of adding a few of these little creatures into the line… as necklaces, bracelets, and even some big rings. I think a HUGE owl statement ring would be so badass. But in a cute way, since I want to infuse them with a mid century vibe... like in the motifs found from back in the 50s.

So, I got my butt into gear and started sawing, soldering, and yes… cursing quite a bit throughout the process. I wish I could tell you how many tiny owl noses have found their way into the fiery depths of the black hole that I call ‘my studio floor’. Every time the sawblade cut through that last minute piece of metal… the tiny triangle fell to the floor… never to be seen again. You might be surprised to know that little tiny pieces of metal can bounce far. Very far. Sigh. But… alas… I persisted and was able to saw out a few and hang onto them because... well… an owl without a nose is like pretzels without the beer. Can’t have that.


Process shot of mid century owl being made

I also managed to completely flood the eyeballs of one of the owls with too much solder… another ‘aw gee shucks moment’. (keeping this PG). But… I’m ok with that… I figured these were only test pieces anyway and it would take a few tries to come up with a style or styles that I liked.

Two mid century owls in metal

The one on the left is the one with the solder flooded eyes. These guys need some detailed bellies. Stay tuned to see what happens next!


So… this is what I have so far. I’m still trying to figure out how to dress up their bellies… need some feather details or wings. Would love to hear any feedback or any ideas you might have to make these mid mod owls come alive. And, if you don’t give a hoot, no need to worry!

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