Moai head necklaces in amethyst, citrine, chrsoprase

Don't Eat the Moai Head Necklaces!!

Oh MOAI gosh!!! Puh-leeze don't eat the Moai head necklaces... those are gemstones, NOT Jolly Ranchers!!! 🤣🤣😜

Moai head necklaces with gemstones in sterling silver

Whenever I put these cool-as-beans necklaces out on the table when I'm doing shows... I kind of always want to eat them... those juicy gemstones look like hard candies!!! (My teeth would not love me too much if I did that though... and I wouldn't love myself too much either if I had a mouthful of chipped and broken teeth! 😮)

Now that I've convinced myself that these are not fit for human consumption, I can focus on the beauty of these colorful stones. For this collection shown, I used rosecut labradorite, amethyst, chrysoprase, citrine, and ruby. 

I have a nice selection of different gemstones that can be used on these Moais, so if you have a particular stone in mind, please send me a message and I can let you know what I have! I will be happy to custom make one for you. (only if you promise not to eat it. 😆). 





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