Happy New Year

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR... a little late! So my New Year didn't quite start out as planned. On New Year's Day evening, while trying to make salads, I sliced the tip of my right middle finger off using a brand new mandolin (with all kinds of attachments!) that Santa left for me under the tree. Boy, I sure know now how that poor cucumber felt that I was slicing. OUCH!!!!!!!!

Needless to say I got a little backtracked and backlogged and really felt kind of helpless these last couple of weeks. So hard to do things while trying not to use or bang your middle finger around! It's also been a time of reflection and planning out the new year and enjoying a little down time. 

Last week was the first time since I sliced it off that I was able to bring myself to look at it (my husband has been a wonderful nurse cleaning out my finger and changing the bandages every night). And I do have to say it is healing and growing back quite nicely!!! The human body is amazing!! I'm looking forward to it being completely healed so my husband can stop calling me 'Flat Finger Kim.' HAHA!!!!

With that being said... I'm finally able to work again and look forward to creating all kinds of new and fun Tiki and mid century modern inspired jewelry this year! And that Mens collection will be coming soon... I promise!!

Now quick question... how did your New Year start off? Hope better than mine!

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