Monstera Leaf Madness!

Monstera Leaf Madness!

Who's ready for a little spring, summer, and all those fantastically fun and shenanigan-filled Tiki weekenders heading our way?🍍🍹⁠ ⁠

I am! I am! (can you see me jumping up and down waving my arms frantically??). They will be here before you can say 'Mai Tai'.

And ya know what goes perfectly with all those Tiki-weekenders?! Monstera leaf jewelry!! I've got earrings, necklaces and rings for you to complement all those fabulous floral dresses you love to wear. Best part is... they are all handmade using sterling silver and gemstones so are made to last a lifetime... and won't fall apart while you're reaching across the bar to grab another cocktail umbrella. 😁

Monstera leaf  necklace

Monstera leaf earrings

Monstera leaf ring


So... what's YOUR first Tiki event for this year? Would love to know!😁

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