National Love Your Pet Day!

National Love Your Pet Day!

It's National Love Your Pet Day!!! This first guy is Django, an Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue Heeler. He's super smart, full of non-stop energy, and follows us EVERYWHERE we go, and I mean everywhere.

Django, a Blue Heeler on National Love Your Pet Day


He enjoys long walks in the park, ripping and tearing up Band-Aid boxes and mail, chewing up and disfiguring plastic cat bowls and baptismal candles, and peeing on the floor when he's excited. He really is a dedicated, protective good boy though. ❤️

This second pup is Venus... she's an old gal... a Rottweiler mix who is super loving and has such a sweet disposition, and is always there for you.

Venus, the dog on National Love Your Pet Day

She has definitely slowed down quite a bit in her old age, but she enjoys short walks in the driveway, sniffing every inch of the yard while ignoring your calls for her to come in, pulling all your clothes off the chair (which shouldn't be there anyway) and making a bed out of them, eating out of the cat's bowls, and pooping in the house when it's raining outside. She really is such a sweetheart who loves everyone and any other animal though. ❤️

Not pictured: 8 or so outside feral cats... some of which have become friendly enough to come inside the house to eat and enjoy some good lovin'. This is perfect because this gives Django a chance to chew up their bowls, and Venus a chance to eat their food. A win-win for all!!🤣

Give all those pets an extra hug, kiss, and treat today!!❤️

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