hand holding a rosecut black onyx pineapple in front of sunflower

Sunflowers... and a Black Onyx Pineapple Necklace

I don't know about you, but I often get the urge to dangle rosecut black onyx pineapple necklaces in front of sunflowers...  🤣🌻
black onyx rosecut pineapple necklace being held in front of a yellow sunflower
I went out on my deck today and was quite amazed at how much this happy little yellow guy seemed to blossom overnight. Something about the details in its petals and the interesting, rich, tactile center reminded me of this particular necklace... and I just had to see for myself. (shame on you, photobombing tiki torch).
rosecut pineapple in hand in front of a sunflower
I was really having fun shooting these pics... but the wind started picking up and the skies were turning a 'you-better-get-your-butt-inside-now-before-you-get-hit-by-lightning' gray, so my mini jewelry and nature photo shoot came to an abrupt end (plus the fact I was getting the evil eye from all the jealous resident bees for playing with 'their things').
So why not get your very own Rosecut Onyx Pineapple Necklace  in my online store... and we can compare sunflower pics! 😆🌻💛
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