Rust Riot, Milltown and Deadmans Curve!

Ok October… how did you get here so darn fast?! As we say every year around this time… where did the summer go?? Well… in a nutshell, it was a great summer of vending!!
I introduced my new mid century modern inspired collection at the Truck Stop Art Festival in Peekskill, NY in early June… and much to my pleasure, it was a hit!! From there I set up shop for a day at one of my most anticipated fun-filled-liver-damaging weekends of the year… Ohana Luau at the Lake in Lake George, NY! The response was incredible, and although I missed a day at the pool, it was a great way to meet pretty much everyone there and to adorn all the ladies with fabulous jewelry. (and no, that was not just fruit juice in my plastic tiki mug).
Kim from Smashfire Designs at Ohana Luau at the Lake 2017
A very grainy pic of me vending at Ohana Luau at the Lake 2017.
The fun continued in August with the Return to Milltown Hot Rod Rock and Roll Weekend in Sturbridge, MA. We drove up early Saturday morning, and unfortunately the day was a bit of a rainy one… but despite the weather, it was a great turnout of pre ’65 cars and was quite the success. I love the whole Milltown crowd and all my customers there… it is such a great vibe, a ton of fun, and Lance and Jess always put on a killer show. Just as we were about to break down our tent and pack it in, a mini-monsoon of epic proportions (I exaggerate a little) moved through… drenching every single item in my booth, including all my displays, table cloths, etc.. Luckily the next day was a sunny one, and I spent the whole day meticulously drying off each item and each display, and cutting off old tags, and replacing with new. Sigh. The life of a jewelry vendor. (p.s. wouldn’t have it any other way)
Picture of car at Return to Milltown 2017
Now those are some fins!!! One of many cars at Milltown 2017.
Next stop was the best-show-this-side-of-the Mississippi… Rust Riot in Hopewell Junction, NY on August 13th! It was the eleventh year and just gets better each time. It was a record crowd on a glorious day and there was a steady stream of pre ’72 cars coming through all day. The 5 bands kicked butt, and all the vendors were super cool. Although I vend the whole day… I really look forward to seeing all my friends, new and old, and enjoy chatting and sipping beers with them in between jewelry sales. Really doesn’t get much better than that. Oh  wait... yes it does! Being that my significant other, Mark (who does a PHENOMENAL job organizing this event) runs this show… he rented a golf cart this year and I got to take a quick 10 minute ride around the grounds to see all the cars. This was better than bottled beer for me since I’ve never even seen the upper grounds in all of the years I’ve been doing this show. HA!
Ruby, Kim of Smashfire Designs and Jess at Rust Riot 2017
My friend Ruby on the left, me in the middle, and Jess on the right. Rust Riot 2017.
And, to round out the summer, the always awesome Dead Mans Curve Wild Hot Rod Weekend took place in early September in Mahwah, NJ at the Sheraton Hotel.  This is always a fun, jam-packed with things to do event. But, my main thing-to-do is set up shop and vend my jewelry… which I love to do here. The crowds once again were record breaking, and I met so many incredible people this year and made some new friends. Being a solopreneur and a one woman act creating in solitude can get a bit lonely at times… so I look forward to all of these shows to connect with my customers, get feedback, and see their smiles when they tell me that "grandma had that laminate on her countertops!” The Deadmans Curve team puts on an amazing 4 day show filled with hundreds and hundreds of pre ’72 cars, funny cars,  and amazing theme cars such as the Batmobile, the Monkees car, and the Flintstones Mobile from the movie, to name just a few. It really was an epic event this year, and I was truly exhausted come Sunday. Couldn’t wait to curl up with a couple beers and some pizza from the nearby Kinchleys (which we ordered take out pizza from and proceeded to eat half the pie on the way home). YUMMMO!
The Batmobile at Deadmans Curve Wild Weekend 2017
The Monkees Mobile at Deadmans Curve Wild Weekend 2017
Bob Hope Mobile
The Bob Hope Golf Cart at Deadmans Curve Wild Weekend 2017      
So now we turn towards the Fall and holiday season and all its wondrous happenings. I have a lot of fun things up my sleeve… promos… new items… specials… shows…etc. So stay tuned! I’m looking forward to a ghoulishly fun Halloween, a stuff-yer-face-Thanksgiving, and a hope-Santa-doesn’t-get-stuck-in-a-chimney Christmas!!
Until next time,

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