Halloween boomerang laminate brooches in pumpkin, witch hat, and ghost

Scary (well, not so scary) Halloween Brooches!

Boomerang laminate in Halloween shapes... that are brooches? Why yes... yes they are. 😁

I had a little fun recently cutting out and making these fun pumpkin, ghost, and witch hat brooches. I even sawed out some copper, silver, and brass accent pieces to add a little detail.


halloween brooches

ghost and witch's hat brooches

And... these little pieces are not just glued on. Oh no... not in my shop. I actually solder wire to the backs of the little pieces, drill holes into the laminate/wood sandwich (yum) and the little hole gets filled with epoxy and the wire inserted. This pretty much guarantees these little accents will never fall off. 

I mean c'mon... I don't want you mixing up any witch's brew or making little voodoo dolls out of me!!!

Click here to get yours today! You will make all your ghoul-friends jealous!!


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