The Official Launch of the new Smashfire Designs Online Store!

The Official Launch of the new Smashfire Designs Online Store!

Actually, it opened on June 15, 2017... but I'm just getting around now to writing the first official blog post about it!! I know... I know... 50 lashes with a giant slab of Spam. (ouch)

But... it's been a long time coming. I have been working on and developing the newly rebranded Smashfire Designs for the past 6 months. From designing and creating pieces for the collection, to designing all the marketing collateral, to switching over to Shopify and building a brandy new awesomely cool store... it's been a fun, exhausting, and exhilirating whirlwind of a learning experience and ride! Yeehaw!!

It's really amazing to see a vision of what you have been working on so hard finally coming together.  I'm so excited to have finally released these new designs and the response and feedback so far have been so positive, encouraging, and just downright AWESOME!

I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing reception. The new collection has only been live for about 3 weeks now, and I have so many exciting things up my sleeve. I'm going to ride the positive vibes waves (safer than actually getting on a surfboard ha!!), and continue to keep throwing cool stuff your way.

It is truly my pleasure to design these modern day versions of mid century modern inspired jewelry for you all... and I welcome any new design ideas, feedback, comments, rum, tequila... lol!!

Until next time my friends!!






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