The Peekskill Grand Prix!

Well hot diggity dog. The Milea Truck and Auto Group Vintage Grand Prix is coming to Peekskill, NY on Sunday, October 15th!! Yours truly will be there to support the event, and will be setting up a booth of my handmade mid century modern inspired jewelry in Pit Row amidst all of the vintage cars.  This is not a race, car show or rally… it is a “Motoring Event”.  Here is a bit more about the event, taken from the website:
"The Milea Truck and Auto Group Vintage Grand Prix is designed to be a signature event for the Gateway Chamber of Commerce and the entire Hudson Valley region. The PVGP will be the first of many events that will grow to become, Hudson Valley Car Week. The PVGP is not a race. It is not a car show. It is not a rally. It is something very different and something very unique. It is being branded as a “Motoring Event”.
Vintage autos will be given an allotment of time within a certain class of autos to travel around the course which is being laid out to go directly through downtown Peekskill and to pass along the magnificent river front. Cars will be spaced out as they are let onto the course at controlled intervals. This is not a race. There is no timing. There are no trophies. It’s not a competition. It is an opportunity for drivers of these vintage machines to put these cars through their paces unencumbered by street lights and stop signs. And it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to come and watch these magnificent autos do what they were designed to do. DRIVE. All free of charge.”
Peekskill Vintage Grand Prix
Sounds like a fun thing to do on a Sunday! For more information, please see their website for details.
See you there, and don’t forget to stop by the Smashfire Designs booth!!

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