Tiki Tour 2020

Tiki Tour 2020

Have you heard of Tiki Tour 2020? If you haven't already, I suggest you give @tikitour2020 a follow on Instagram or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/tikitour2020 to live vicariously through 6 friends as they drive from NC to Las Vegas hitting 22 Tiki bars along the way in a little less than 2 weeks!!! They left today, Feb. 21.  How fun and epic is that?!!

I had the honor and privilege of being commissioned to make 3 sets of "Tiki Tour 2020" earrings for the lovely ladies partaking in this adventure. It was killing me not to post progress shots, as this was strictly a clandestine operation until the reveal to the crew on Feb. 16th.

Tiki Tour mixed metal earrings

Tiki Tour 2020 earrings on the soldering blockTiki Tour 2020 earring on the soldered block after being firedTiki Tour 2020 earrings sawed out in the shop waiting for the next step

The earrings are based on their Tiki Tour logo (shown below) and proved to be quite the challenge because I wanted to duplicate the logo as closely as possible, while making them as light as possible. They went through several design iterations and through quite a bit of trial and error I was able to finally nail it. Each pair is made from sterling silver, copper and brass, and the variations of the mixed metals makes each slightly different.

One of the biggest challenges was that little Tiki guy at the bottom. Holy moly I had no idea I was capable of sawing out eyes the size of sesame seeds... talk about tiny!!! Some day when I clean my shop floor I'll find about 50 of them that I sawed out and dropped. HAHA!! Now that I got the hang of those little guys, I have a feeling I'm going to be obsessed with making them. Muhahahhaa.

Tiki Tour 2020 logo

5 little tiki guys in mixed metals

Tiki gods in metal by smashfire designs

It really was a fun project to work on and I'm so honored to be a tiny part of this adventure!

Tiki Tour 2020 finished earrings in silver, copper, brass

Finished Tiki Tour 2020 earrings handmade by Smashfire Designs

Handmade sterling silver, copper and brass Tiki Tour 2020 earrings

Annnnnddd... another surprise for one of the ladies on this tour is this Anniversary necklace that her husband had custom made for her. Now that is one thoughtful guy!! (no worries... he gave it to her already, so I'm not ruining the surprise, HAHA!). I had a blast creating this one as well and love that little pop of green from the rosecut peridot on the bottom. 

Tiki Tour 2020 Las Vegas Anniversary necklace

Wishing the crew of Tiki Tour 2020 the most memorable trip of a lifetime, and safe travels!! We'll be following along with you guys!

If you have any ideas in metal that you'd like brought to life, then shoot me a message here, and let's talk about it!

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