Valentine's Day Gifts for that Special Lady

Valentine's Day Gifts for that Special Lady

It's almost February... how can that be?!!?!? That means Groundhog Day, the Super Bowl, hearts, Cupid, heart shaped candy, lots of red and pink, President's Day, and probably even a few snowstorms (if you live somewhere cold). 

I honestly don't recall ever doing a Valentine's Day collection... but this year I was inspired. I figured new decade, new me. (I've kind of been dying to say that since it turned 2020, but we all know that yes, it's a new decade, but probably just the same ol' me...  and with more new and creative ideas hopefully, lol!). 😜

So I took a couple of the most popular items... the Moai head and the retro diamond and worked it into some heart shaped earrings and necklaces in sterling silver with copper accents.  Also decided to throw in some color... and did both designs in brass that I powdercoated red. My first instinct was to do a turquoise or coral-y orange heart, but my husband told me to stick to red. (shh... don't tell him but I think I might try a few different colors as well... what do you think???). 

Valentine's Day gift items

Sterling silver heart with retro diamond necklace

Red heart with sterling silver moai head necklace

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