Michael's pink flamingo and sterling silver and gemstone flamingo necklace and earrings

When A Clearance Bin Flamingo Meets His Likeness in Sterling Silver

That clearance bin at Michael's got me again. I know you've been there. You go in for a pack of Sharpies and those dang '60% off' and 'Clearance' signs kidnap your attention... and you quickly forget about the Sharpies. You're immediately transported into the throes of the 'I didn't realize I needed this, but now I have to have it because it's so cheap' mentality. So of course a couple of these pink metal flamingos came home with me.
pink flamingo and sterling silver flamingo necklace and earrings
And quite honestly... how could they not? Who doesn't love a bright cheery, pink flamingo? I think they might actually be lawn decorations, but I stuck mine in some of my indoor plants that hang out near the windowsill in my studio. The plants seem to like them.  😄
But before I planted my pink flamingos, I had to make them feel at home. They needed to know there were quite a few of their kind right here in this tiny little studio in NY.  Pictured here is Penny The Pink Flamingo with a darling pair of Flamingo Circle Earrings, and a sterling silver Flamingo with Lapis Lazuli and Amazonite necklace.  They all got along quite swimmingly, and a long lasting friendship was formed. ❤️
Next time I wear blinders into Michaels. 🤣
All you flamingo lovers out there can click here to shop for your very own sterling silver flamingo jewelry! 
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