Why all the boomerangs?

Why all the boomerangs?

I get this question all the time... why all the boomerangs?

Welp, for all you inquiring minds... the boomerang is associated with mid-century modern design because design during that time period was all about clean lines, minimalism and organic and geometric shapes. The boomerang's angular silhouette fit well with this design aesthetic, adding a dynamic and sleek element to furniture, décor, and other things... like jewelry!! (shameless plug lol!).😜


White boomerang necklace
Boomerang laminate earrings

Another thing is, after World War II, the folks during that time period were quite fascinated with atomic energy and space exploration. The boomerang's shape, reminiscent of both the atomic symbol and the wings of futuristic spacecraft, resonated with the optimism and enthusiasm of the time. The boomerang was said to be a "stylistic rendering of a directional energy field." It captured movement. And the hearts of the people. 😍🤪

I think they're fun, flirty, and fab. 💙 That's why all the boomerangs. 😆😆

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Until next time....


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